Benefits Of Cycling Shoes

If you are a serious cyclist and want to build up your strength for possible future competition, then cycling performance gear may be a good investment. Even if you don't ride for competition, you may still benefit from specialized cycling shoes. Here is more information about cycling shoes and why you may want to consider using them.

They Restrict Foot Movement

Cycling shoes keep your feet from moving around and slipping on the pedals. Plus, their firm soles don't allow for excessive toe flexing and foot movement. Though toe clips also help restrict movement, they are not as effective as clipped shoes. Your feet will still experience some movement and too much flexibility if you use conventional shoes.

They Align Your Feet and Legs Correctly

Many cyclists have a problem with maintaining proper alignment. When you use regular shoes, you have to be mindful of your position and adjust it often. This can eventually lead to knee, hip, and even back issues. Plus, it makes your power stroke less effective. When you clip your feet in, you stay aligned with minimal effort or forethought.

They Help With a Full Power Stroke

With cycling shoes, you get the full benefit of both the downstroke and upstroke without even thinking about it. If you've done indoor training classes or followed an indoor training manual, you know how valuable this can be. You can literally cycle with only one leg and build up muscle that way. On the road, the result of such training could mean more power and speed.

They Are More Comfortable

Many people with large shoe sizes have a problem keeping their feet in the proper position while cycling. Some people with small feet have a problem fitting into toe cages. They don't get the benefit of good alignment and stroke. However, with cycling shoes, shoe size doesn't matter. Your feet are locked into the correct position all the time.

If you are considering cycling shoes, you will also need to outfit your bike with special pedals for the shoes to clip in. Plus, you will need to practice getting in and out of your clips when you need to stop. Therefore, practice using them with your bike on a training stand or in a spinning class. After a while, unclipping and re-clipping will become second nature.

If touring or mountain biking is your thing, then there are cycling shoes designed for that. You will find cycling shoes that allow for comfortable walking on both pavement and dirt. Plus, they have most of the benefits of other cycling shoes. For more information on specialized cycling shoes or other cycling performance gear, visit a local retailer.