Three Types Of Apparel To Make With Batik Fabric

If you're someone who is capable with a sewing machine and you have a creative mind, you may enjoy buying large pieces of fabric online and then turning them into things that you can wear. Whether you closely follow different patterns or you're experienced enough that you can make something without a pattern, it can be fun to shop for unique-looking fabric on the internet and dream about how you can turn a roll of it into something one of a kind. One type of fabric that you'll likely come across is batik fabric, which is often made of cotton or silk and hand-dyed. Known for its colorful look, batik fabric can be suitable for a few types of apparel.

Beach Wrap

If you enjoy visiting a local beach, or just lounging by your backyard swimming pool on summer afternoons, you may be in favor of wearing a beach wrap. This is a simple garment that you wrap around your lower body when desired. Many women enjoy wearing colorful beach wraps, which makes batik fabric a perfect material for this type of garment. You can even look for a type of fabric that closely matches one of your bathing suits, as this will give you a cohesive and thought-out appearance when you're wearing the wrap.


Another type of apparel that is ideal to sew out of a piece of batik fabric is a scarf. There are many types of scarves, including knit scarves that are best to wear in the winter. However, there's nothing wrong with a light scarf made of cotton or silk. In addition to keeping the wind off your neck during the spring or fall months, these accessories can add a splash of color to your outfit. For example, if you're dressing up and have dark clothing, a brightly colored batik fabric scarf can brighten your entire ensemble.


Similarly, a shawl made of batik fabric can be enjoyable to wear in a variety of different occasions. For example, if you're going to an outdoor wedding in the spring and you're concerned that it might be breezy and cool, but you don't want to hide your dress by wearing a coat, you can find batik fabric in a complementary color and sew a shawl that you can wear over your shoulders when you feel chilly. There are many online retailers that sell this type of fabric, so you'll have no trouble finding a look that catches your eye.

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