Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry Store

There are many reasons to purchase jewelry, whether for a birthday or anniversary gift or because you plan to propose and need an engagement ring. If you're planning on making a big jewelry purchase in the near future, shopping at a jewelry store is your best bet. However, there are many jewelry stores to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one to shop at.

Choosing the right jewelry store is essential if you want the shopping process to go smoothly and be completely satisfied with your purchase. Use the following tips to help you choose the right jewelry store:

Willing to Educate

Fine jewelry usually isn't cheap, so it can require a large financial investment. Thus, it is important to know what you are doing to ensure that you buy the right piece of jewelry. However, most people know very little about jewelry and gemstones, so shopping can seem overwhelming or even intimidating. One sign of a great jewelry store is having staff who are willing to educate customers about jewelry. When you're narrowing down your jewelry store options, don't hesitate to ask about the 4 C's of diamonds or the different types of gold. 


A jewelry store is more than just a retail shop -- understanding jewelry takes a lot of time and skill. When choosing a jewelry store, it is a good idea to choose one who has a gemologist or bench jeweler on staff. A gemologist is a professional who has advanced training in precious and semi-precious stones. They can help educate you on the different cuts and gems you can find at their store. A bench jeweler is a person who is highly skilled in resizing and repairing all types of jewelry. They can take care of future repairs. Having expert staff on hand is a good sign that a jewelry store takes their business seriously.

Financing Options

Since jewelry can be expensive, it can sometimes be hard to save up enough money to pay for your jewelry purchase in cash. If you want or need to purchase a high-quality piece of jewelry in the near future but don't have enough cash to pay in full, look for a jewelry store that offers financing options. Many jewelry stores offer special financing terms, such as no interest on your payments for a specific period of time, which can help make buying a piece of jewelry much easier.