Travel-Focused Promotional Products That Your Company Can Give Away

When you're looking at various types of promotional products that your company can give away, it's often a good strategy to choose items that fall within a specific theme. One theme that you might wish to consider is travel , which can especially be a good idea if your company has some sort of role in the travel industry. There are many different travel-focused promotional products that may appeal to you and, most importantly, that may prove to be useful to your clients and customers. Here are some choices to consider.

Fanny Pack

A lot of people think of the 1980s and 1990s when they see fanny packs, but the reality is that this simple device is becoming increasingly popular again. When you visit an airport, you'll almost certainly see a lot of travelers who are wearing fanny packs, given the conveniences that this pouch provides. For example, a traveler will often use this pack to hold essential items such as their wallet, keys, and passport. See if your promotional product company has access to fanny packs and, if so, look for a stylish design on which you can display your company's logo.

Toiletry Bag

Another travel-focused item that can work well as a promotional product is a toiletry bag. This is a type of product that lots of people will find useful, either because they don't actually have one, or because their current one is outdated and ready to replace. Toiletry bags come in different styles, but they're conventionally rectangular and zippered. Some toiletry bags are made of clear plastic, which can be handy for air travelers who need to have their toiletries visible to security checkpoint agents.

Luggage Tag

A lot of travelers use the luggage tags that their airlines provide for free, but there are numerous disadvantages of doing so. Not only are these tags flimsy, but it's also time consuming to have to fill one out at the start of each trip. If you distribute luggage tags as a promotional item, there's a good chance that a lot of your clients will be keen to start using them. The luggage tag can include your branding information on one side, while the other side will be open so that the traveler can write their name and contact information on the enclosed card.

If you provide quality promotional business products that people are likely to use, it should have considerable staying power for your customers or clients.