Ways to Use Screen Printing

There are a lot of different things that can be done with screen printing, whether you are a business owner, a charity organizer, or an individual. To get some ideas on different things that can be done with screen printing and different things that it can be used for, read more below.  1. Screen printing for business owners One of the ways business owners can use screen printing is to advertise their business so they can earn more brand recognition. [Read More]

Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry Store

There are many reasons to purchase jewelry, whether for a birthday or anniversary gift or because you plan to propose and need an engagement ring. If you're planning on making a big jewelry purchase in the near future, shopping at a jewelry store is your best bet. However, there are many jewelry stores to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one to shop at. Choosing the right jewelry store is essential if you want the shopping process to go smoothly and be completely satisfied with your purchase. [Read More]

2 Tests For Telling The Difference Between Gold And Gold-Plated Jewelry

If a private party is offering gold jewelry for sale, you may be interested but a little leery on whether or not the piece is real gold, especially if there are no markings. Even if the surface tests positive for gold, you may worry that the piece is plated. If so, use the following tests to help you tell the difference between gold and gold-plated jewelry. 1.  Drop the Jewelry in a Glass of Water [Read More]